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Thanks for your interest! I'm Teddy. I live and work in the Washington D.C. area. I have been in the design industry for 17 years and have had a lot of fun doing it! I have experience developing consumer and/or commercial web application interfaces.

I also have a proven UI design track record, strong visual design skills (typography, composition, color, etc.) and a good understanding of best practices and current design tools. I still consider myself a student. One can't ever learn too much. Now that we have that stuff out of the way, did I mention that I love Star Wars, video games, movies and that I draw a comic stip? Well now you know :)

When becoming a new member of a team, most people feel it's an opportunity to show off everything they know. I am the opposite. I come to learn from my team members and if they happen to pick something up from me in the process, great!




The program


Web Design

I love the craft of web design. My web design knowledge spans from designing custom sites or designing around an already established framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation 3. I also have experience with Wordpress and Drupal.

Front End Dev

Through the years I have been able to teach myself HTML, CSS, Java Script and Action Script. I can look at these languages and know what is going on and am able to communicate with developers. Basically, I know enough to make some damage :)


Brand Creation

A brand in its essence is more than just an attractive Logo, a catchy tagline or other cool associated imagery. A brand generates good relationships, solidifies reputation, and delivers a promise. I have a passion for brand creation. It all starts with the brand.

Corporate Identity

A corporation's identity is a visual that makes a statement about itself and communicates the business's philosophy. Being able to help plant the seed of this process is another passion of mine.



Drawing is something that has always been easy for me. Don't get me wrong, I still consider myself a student and will always be learning, but it has never really been something I have stuggled with. It is truly my first love.

Print Design

Who said print is dead? I feel print design is alive and well. And still going strong. I have extensive knowledge of the print medium. From brochures and flyers to business cards and posters. I love the smell of a freshly printed piece.




Enjoy the show!

Movielicious | Mobile App Concept/UX


Under Armour | Mobile App Concept

Under Armour

Cartoon Network | Rich Media

Cartoon Network

Mobile Chefs | Mobile App Design/UX


DC.GOV | Web Design/UX




"Teddy Perez is a fantastic blend of artist and designer. His combined skill set always produce unique, fantastic work that sets any company apart from the competition. His understanding of visual design and user experience is second to none. I am lucky to have had Teddy on my team."

Tim Deegan, Creative Director

"Teddy's versatility and design skills were utilized from the outset with great success. He consistently produced high quality design pieces that still amaze me to this day."

Angela Woods, Design Director

"Teddy is a solid designer with outstanding illustration skills. His appetite for new knowledge helps his skills stay polished. Teddy is also an innovator and thinks outside the box."

Lin Zhuang, Art Director

"Teddy is one of the most talented and creative illustrators and designers I've had the pleasure to work with. He understands how to parse and incorporate business goals in his work, and his executions sets the bar very high for a creative organization. I think that goes a long way in developing and guiding talent."

Mark Shraad, User Experience Lead

Allstate | Print Design


Heineken | Rich Media

UN Global Focus

AOL - Various | Web Design

AOL Designs

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